MORNING FOG / mixed media on linen / 12″ x 12″ / $ 600.


Finding the extraordinary in the mundane

“Creating has always been my passion…I cannot remember otherwise.

The process offers solitude and serves as my personal dialog with both nature and the commonplace. Whether I wake to an early morning mist or simply find that stain from a late night fragrant cabernet, deeply felt impressions remain with which to work.

When I paint, I love to incorporate recycled material with rudimentary printmaking techniques. Be it a line, color, shape, or texture, each integrated fragment demands an instinctive conceptual response in kind. A language is born, subtle transparencies form, surface characteristics peel away. Here is where I get lost in a deeply innate and intimate imagery, a realm that feels beyond both time and space.

Drawn in by the mysteries that lie beneath, I think of my work as an intuitive psychological dig…one through which I explore the depth of human consciousness, the passage of time, and the fragile beauty lying in the journey of the heart.

I do believe nothing is ever quite what it seems.”

-Roxie Johnson 2017 / Read more here

Upcoming Exhibitions

  • ART STUDIO VIEWS / Labor Day Weekend / Sept. 2nd & 3rd, 2017

  • RIVERWINDS GALLERY / October 14-November 6, 2017