As the grays and whites of winter embed themselves further in the landscape, in the mind, and in the heart, somewhere there exists a still-point. I will often find it hidden in a gentle snowfall, or perhaps within that sudden brilliant flash of cardinal red…yet always, always, in the quiet of the studio, it waits.

In the colder months, I love to periodically sift through her archives for favorite imagery to reflect on and let guide her in setting goals for the months ahead. It’s easy for me to be drawn in by my etching. “As Moon She Hides Beneath the Sun” embodies vividly my need to gather warmth and turn inward, while exemplifying my trademark – layers upon layers of texture and form.


As Moon She Hides Beneath the Sun / Hand-colored Etching / 2005


Decayed walls, a bird wing, simple objects wrapped and placed on the scanner bed…all found their way into my printmaking. While I embellished certain prints with Caran D’ache crayon, others I left to a more somber monochromatic tone. And how all this continues to play into my ongoing transition from printmaker to abstract painter is a journey I get lost in.


Embryonic Flight / Hand-colored Etching / 2005